Pathfinder classes

A character's class is one of its most characterizing attributes. It is the wellspring of the majority of her capacities, and gives her a particular job in any experience party.

Advance of character

As the player characters beat the difficulties, they gain experience focuses. As these focuses collect, PCs advance in level and force.

Main classes

The accompanying eleven classes speak to the fundamental classes of the game.

  • Barbarian: The savage is a merciless berserker past the edge of edified terrains.
  • Bard: The versifier utilizes ability and spell the same to fortify his partners, confound his adversaries, and expand on his notoriety.
  • Cleric: A committed adherent of a divinity, the minister can recuperate wounds, raise the dead, and summon the anger of the divine beings.
  • druid: The druid is an admirer of everything characteristic: a spellcaster, a creature companion, and a talented shape changer.
  • Fighter: Brave and unfaltering, the contender is an ace of a wide range of weapons and shield. Furthermore, this is an extremely long depiction that unquestionably goes to a different line.
  • Monk: Student of hand to hand fighting, the priest prepares his body to be his best weapon and protection.
  • Paladin: The paladin is the knight in sparkling protection, a committed supporter of law and great.
  • Ranger: A tracker and tracker, the Ranger is a wild animal and will follow his preferred foes.
  • Rogue: The maverick is a criminal and a pioneer, a go getter equipped for propelling severe assaults against clueless adversaries.
  • Sorcerer: The spellcasting alchemist is brought into the world with an inborn present for enchantment and has weird and peculiar forces.
  • Magician: The performer experts enchantment through steady investigation that gives him mind boggling otherworldly force.